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        Oasis Focuser Adapter for RedCat 51

        With this adapter Oasis Focuser can be installed on William Optics RedCat 51 APO. This focusing solution uses a gear and a seamless gear ring which makes it simple, elegant and easy to be installed


        Click here to learn more information about Oasis Focuser

        Some telescopes or lenses such as William Optics RedCat 51 APO have a helical focuser. We designed an adapter for those telescopes/lenses especially for RedCat 51 APO to install Oasis Focuser on them. The following video shows how this focusing system works on RedCat 51 APO.

        In this solution gear and gear ring are used. The special designed gear and the seamless gear ring allow 360 degree free rotation. And the whole focusing system looks simple and elegant. 

        In addition Oasis focuser is designed with a rounded appearance, and the shaft of the motor is not centered in the circle. So gear and gear ring can be meshed perfectly or separated by just gently rotating the focuser body. And we don't need to adjust the installation position of focuser body. In this way it is very convenience for us to do focusing.

        Also it can be controlled by mobile phone via Bluetooth.

        The following pictures show how it looks like when this focusing system is installed.




        The following picture is the auto-focus V-curve captured by one of our user who use this focusing solution on his RedCat 51 APO.


        Image source:Patrick Yuan

        The components included in the product are shown in the following figure.


        Note: This product doesn't include RedCat 51 APO and Oasis Focuser body.